Book Club Questions - Never in Ink

1. Gaston Lombard is forced to face his fear in this title. Yet Claire Caswell remains frozen in her irrational and extreme fear. Discuss the difference.

2. Is Jin Ikeda a good addition to the Caswell & Lombard team? If yes, why? If no, why?

3. Discuss the professional relationship between Sergeant Massey and Claire Caswell. How is it evolving?

4. Who is the most complicated character in this book and why?

5. Discuss all aspects of the relationship between Anthony DiNetto and Officer Bubbiano.

6. Gaston Lombard's background is that of a prosecuting Miami-Dade State Attorney--and not an investigator. How is he advancing and growing as a private investigator?

7. Regarding the character of Anthony DiNetto. Did anything really make him happy? Did you as the reader empathize with him? Will he come back for revenge?

8. Throughout the tale, did you suspect Officer Bubbiano was a "good guy" or a "bad guy"? Did the ending revelation surprise you?

9. Claire Caswell faced nearly insurmountable challenges in this tale. Discuss her character. Her strengths. Her weaknesses.

10. Is Claire Caswell finally coming close to saying "yes" to Gaston Lombard's ever-present question?