Book Club Questions - Road To Omalos

1. Discuss the ethics of vigilantism if the justice system seems to fail. Is it ever justified?

2. Discuss each member of the group of four vigilantes--personalities, careers, beliefs, home and family life, internal struggles.

3. How can the passage of time affect promises made at a younger, impressionable age?

4. What was your impression of the character the old bird woman?

5. Did you ever suspect her "true" role?

6. Was the issue of a minister and a judge carrying out vigilante justice disturbing to you as the reader?

7. Did you fear for Guy's life? Will he ever truly recover from what he went through?

8. Did the form of justice doled out at the end surprise you? Anger you?

9. Will the vigilante team continue on after the death of one member?

10. What's next in Claire and Guy's relationship?