Book Club Questions - Sapphire Trails

1. Did you as the reader believe the murder in Bigfork was perpetrated by the Whitefish burglar? Why or why not?

2. Discuss the ethical issues faced by Claire and Guy as their friends become prime suspects in the investigation?

3. Discuss how certain lodge employees tried to implicate or direct suspicion on co-workers. Were you surprised at this? Bothered?

4. What characters did you peg as viable suspects during the read and why? Did you zero in on one particular suspect and why?

5. Discuss Claire's insights throughout the investigation that helped to solve the crime(s).

6. Did you like LoLo? Did you trust her? Did you find her character believable?

7. Did Blake and Piper cross any lines with their friendship? What did Blake provide to Piper that Jay did not?

8. Was Running Cloud real or a figment of Claire's imagination?

9. How did Running Cloud ultimately help Claire to solve the crime?

10. Is Claire getting any closer to saying "yes" to Guy's ever present question?