Book Club Questions - The Find

1. What was the "Find"?

2. Who was your favorite and least favorite character, and why?

3. Who was the most complicated character, and why?

4. Who did you believe was behind the threats to Claire Caswell?

5. Discuss Claire Caswell and Guy Lombard's relationship. What complicates it? What bonds it?

6. What did you learn from reading the novel?
a. about life
b. about history
c. about relationships

7. Who did you suspect murdered David Post?

8. Were you familiar with the Sobibor concentration camp before reading the novel? Discuss what survivors of concentration camps had to deal with.

9. Will a relationship develop between Hilda Simpson and Edmond Penwright? A friendship? A December romance?

10. Did the ending surprise you?

11. "Ethical" implies conformity with a code of fair and honest behavior--usually in business or professional conduct. "Moral" refers to generally accepted standards of goodness and rightness in character and conduct. Was Robert Holden an "ethical" man? Was he a "moral" man? Can one be moral but not ethical? Ethical but not moral?

12. What will May Holden do with the green stone Robert Holden placed in her hand?

13. How will Claire Caswell answer Guy Lombard's final question? Discuss how either a "yes" or "no" answer will affect their lives going forward.

14. What lesson/moral can be derived from this story?

15. Name the characters you would like to see continue in subsequent books.