The Find Reader Comments

"Well done!"

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the story."

"Iíve read The Find. More, more. I am breathless, sleepless, and smiling full face! I had the hardest time putting down The Find to do necessary things like eat, sleep, go to work. I resented their intrusion into my immersion into your incredible story!"

"A very well-written intriguing story, indeed."

"I very much enjoyed your murder mystery. Neither of us (husband and wife) wanted to put the book down once we started reading it."

"It touched a real emotion."

"Canít wait to read your next book."

"I finished the book and loved it. Usually mysteries do not hold my attention since I tend to quickly solve them. In your book I did not solve the puzzle till the last few chapters and I continued to read till the very last page. Great job. I look forward to the next book."

"I loved it!"

"It really was a page-turner!"

"Hey, I really enjoyed your book. Finished it in two nights. Now youíve joined a list of other MN writers I enjoy, including Vince Flynn, Steve Thayer and Wm Krueger. Must be something in the water, or is it just the long winters."

"It was just wonderful."

"I am looking forward to the next."

"Loved it. Would be a great film."

"It was great fun."

"I finished it in two days, because I just had to know (the ending)."

"It kept me up most of the night, but I had to finish it."

"You drew the reader into new understandings of how history continues to speak to the present, re-emphasizing the Wheel of Life reality."

"The Find is so exciting and I am totally impressed. I canít put it down!"

"What a page-turner!"

"It was terrific!"

"The twists at the end were great."

"Loved the book!"


"I am a short ways in but you have me captured."

"You wove the travel from Miami to the Caribbean, to London, and back again in such a way that I was there with you without so much as jet lag."

"I canít say enough how much I enjoyed The Find."

"I canít wait for Road To Omalos to present itself."

"My joy for you is making life for all of us out here much better for your efforts."

"I read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Please let me know when your second book comes out!"

"Looking forward to reading about the next big investigation."

"The book is fascinating and would certainly make a great movie."

"Thanks for a great read. Congratulations on your first book. I'll try to wait patiently for the next one."