Book Club Questions - The Ploy

1. Define "ploy." Did you know the definition before reading this title?

2. Claire and Guy's relationship takes a surprising step in The Ploy. How does it affect each of them?

3. Which characters became potential suspects in your mind early on as the reader? Why?

4. Did your opinion regarding who the killer might be change as you got further and further into the story? Explain.

5. How did Claire, Guy and Jin function together as a team?

6. How did Guy deal with the threats against Claire? Discuss.

7. Discuss the character and different aspects of Stephen Fox. Discuss the character and different aspects of Charlie McDermott.

8. Jin is a novice investigator. Yet he found himself in several difficult situations where he had to think on his feet. How did he do?

9. Did the ending surprise you? Elaborate.

10. What lies ahead for Claire Caswell and Gaston Lombard?