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About The Ploy

Private investigators Claire Caswell and Gaston “Guy” Lombard have cracked many high-profile cases in the past, but when Claire’s friend Charlotte dies in a mysterious car crash in Miami, things get personal. With the stakes higher than ever before and only a hunch to go on, the sleuths begin a painstaking investigation by scouring the wreckage, searching for evidence of foul play where there appears to be none. When they uncover a pattern of strikingly similar incidents—and a seemingly unrelated case becomes inexplicably linked—it is up to the investigators, with the help of their intern, Jin Ikeda, to unravel this bewildering mystery. What happened to Charlotte was no accident. And as Claire and Guy get closer to the truth, their snooping efforts turn deadly dangerous. The Ploy is an enthralling whodunit that holds the reader captive with knotty twists and turns, suspects who are anything but what they seem, and answers that are just out of reach.

“Jax steadily unrolls a tapestry of murder and revenge with an Agatha Christie twist. The book moves.”
—David Housewright, Edgar Award–winning author of What the Dead Leave Behind

“Marilyn Jax’s superb whodunit makes deft use of a glitzy Miami setting set against a noirish backdrop of murder and mayhem that is sure to please even the most ardent of mystery fans. The Ploy propels Jax to the level of Lisa Scottoline and Sandra Brown with a crack detective duo reminiscent of Dennis Lehane. A must-read for all genre devotees!”
—Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of Strong Cold Dead

"The Ploy will appeal to fans of gumshoes like Columbo, McMillan & Wife, or the modern day pairing of Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan. A police procedural at heart, the book moves at a rapid clip . . . with dialogue [that] is sharp and authentic.”
US Review of Books

“Marilyn Jax cannot be stopped! With an ending that will startle even the savviest mystery reader, Jax deals the reader clues like playing cards—but none of them quite seem to add up. Mystery fans, you’ve met your match!”
—Rhonda Gilliland, President, Twin Cities Sisters in Crime 2012-2015 and Editor of the Cooked to Death series