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About Marilyn Jax

A veteran senior government enforcement investigator for close to two decades, and a retired Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), the author lives in Minnesota and the Caribbean and enjoys spending time in Miami and Montana.

She is a thirty-two-time national/international award-winning mystery author.

Caswell & Lombard series:

  • The Find
  • Road to Omalos
  • Sapphire Trails
  • Never in Ink
  • The Ploy
  • I Heard Everything…watch for!

Marilyn in the Media:

"Marilyn Jax keeps penning these five-star novels."

--Fran Lewis, author, New York reviewer, educator

"Marilyn Jax artfully combines her expertise as an enforcement investigator with her gifted writing style."

--Jim Proebstle, award-winning author

"My goal is to give readers a great story to get lost in. A tale readers will remember long after they finish the last page."

--Marilyn Jax, international award-winning author

"The Ploy" is a genuinely entertaining 'whodunit' that holds dedicated mystery buffs captive. Revealing author Marilyn Jax's genuine flair for the genre, "The Ploy" is unreservedly recommended . . ."

--The Midwest Book Review


OFFER! Marilyn Jax offers a brief conference call to any book club to say thank you for reading and discussing one of her mysteries and will also send out a signed copy of "The Find" to be used as a door prize on the date of the book club. Email:
to make arrangements.

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Never in Ink
Sapphire Trails
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